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Avoid Roof Replacement

The life of your roofing is quickly sapped by the different external agents such as sun, rain, snow and wind. Finally, there’s an option to preserve your existing roof with Bright Green Roof’s shingle Rejuvenation Oil. We provide an opportunity to save your roof, your money, and the environment.

With the increasing cost to replace a roof, our service makes financial sense and will save you thousands. What will you do with the money you save? You could take a holiday, enjoy more time golfing, or use the funds for other home improvements!

  • Add 5-15 years of life with applications every 5 years

  • 10-15% of Replacement Cost

  • Restore Roof Colour

  • Improve Moisture Resistance

  • 100% Plant-Based Solution

Shingle Preservation Application

Why Replace When You Can Rejuvenate?

Roof replacement is an investment on its own. Not only is it financially draining, but it’s also not environmentally friendly. Bright Green Roof’s shingle preservation service allows you to extend the life of your roof, while also restoring the colour & appearance, and improving resistance to the elements. The renewal process leaves your roof looking as good as new and provides it with a new lease of life.

The Green Solution: Our sustainably resourced plant-based preservation oil replenishes worn-out shingles and protects your roof against harmful UV rays from the sun, among other harsh weather conditions. Preserving your roof helps to keep your old roof out of a landfill, and eliminates the CO2 emitted from producing new shingles.

Built to Last:  Our treatment also provides additional benefits.

  • Boosts fire retardant
  • Improves aggregate bonding
  • Reduces shingle oxidation caused by the sun and high heat levels
  • Increases wind and hail resistance

With Bright Green Roof, you have the power to extend the life of your current roof for a fraction of a new roof’s cost and improve its appearance and durability!

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I had my roof finished by Bright Green Roof and was very pleased with the efficiency and friendliness of the boss. I feel secure in the knowledge that my roof will be protected with a five year warranty and that I can renew it again in five years.


We knew that in the next 5 years we were looking at $12,000 to replace our roof. We saved about 85% of that and bought ourselves more time.

Wendy S.

Steven came and gave me a quote to treat my roof and it was very reasonable. He was here the next day and did a great job. I highly recommend his product.

John M.

I recently had a Bright Green Roof Preservation Oil Treatment applied to our roof. The job was performed extremely well. They even came back a few days later and did some repair work on things they had discovered while doing the spray. I would highly recommend them.

Eric S.
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