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  • What is Bright Green Roof?

    Instead of a complete roof replacement, Bright Green Roof offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to preserve your asphalt shingles. The plant-based treatment solution is applied to your roof to enhance colour, add additional life and boost moisture, sun, wind and rain resistance.

  • What exactly is applied to my roof?

    The 100% active and plant-based solution is chemical-free and is derived from plant seed oil. The treatment solution is non-toxic and is safe for humans, landscaping, and your home.

  • When should I purchase the service?

    As a homeowner, don’t wait until your roof has deteriorated and needs to replaced. The best time to apply our product is when your roof is between 7-15 years old, depending on the roof quality. Completely deteriorated roofs require a replacement rather than preservation. A roof can be treated up to three times with the Rejuvenation Oil, and each application will add 5-10 years of additional life to your roof.

  • What kind of price can I expect?

    The cost of each application is typically 15-20% of the cost of complete roof replacement. The plant-based solution can be applied every five years, up to three times, which roughly doubles the life of your roof and costs significantly less than a new roof.

  • Will this change the colour of my roof?

    Our plant-based repair solution deepens and enriches your roof’s original color to make it look new again.

  • Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a 5 year guarantee against further shingle curling, and guarantee that the rate of surface granular loss will decrease.

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We knew that in the next 5 years we were looking at $12,000 to replace our roof. We saved about 85% of that and bought ourselves more time.

Wendy S.

I recently had a Bright Green Roof Preservation Oil Treatment applied to our roof. The job was performed extremely well. They even came back a few days later and did some repair work on things they had discovered while doing the spray. I would highly recommend them.

Eric S.

Steven came and gave me a quote to treat my roof and it was very reasonable. He was here the next day and did a great job. I highly recommend his product.

John M.

I had my roof finished by Bright Green Roof and was very pleased with the efficiency and friendliness of the boss. I feel secure in the knowledge that my roof will be protected with a five year warranty and that I can renew it again in five years.

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